See what people are saying about the recent Soul Companions Gathering, held on 19-21 September in Wales.

Soul Companions

What they are saying about  Soul Companions:

An extraordinarily ambitious project reaching to 'the ends of the Earth' and into the realms beyond, with sublime grace this book modestly slips 45 authors and teachers of ancient and far-reaching wisdom through this one portal, under the guise of encounters with spirit guides. Dip into this compendium of accounts of spirit guides from every Earth culture, and you enter a slipstream of consciousness that leaves 'the real world' looking flat and crumpled as a cardboard cutout. Enter it and expand your understanding of the world beyond ordinary reality. Taste exquisite magical elixirs of metaphorical and metaphysical knowledge, embrace the heartfelt depth of the earthy wisdom of the ancestors, let your mind glitter with insights of the star nations, and be enchanted by the elementals and rejuvenated by the aliveness of reality in the realm of the Shining Ones. An Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder from Greenland says appreciation of our gifts is "food for your soul" and singing is "food for the spirit" Soul Companions is truly a gift and a source of nourishment for the soul.
Carolyn Burdet: Kindred Spirit Magazine

"Soul Companions" is a stunning book. It assembles an amazing collection of interviews with some of the finest and most unusual people from the worlds of alternative thinking and teaching. For anyone interested in the future of human growth and development this is an absolute 'must read'.
John Matthews, author of Walkers Between Worlds

Karen Sawyer's Soul Companions is an amazing and enlightening anthology of profound experiences shared between some of the world's most revered wisdom keepers and their spirit guides. Inspiring and empowering, it lights a path for all of us to follow.
John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and The Secret History of the American Empire.

The world of the spirits is completely normal for many cultures and normal for our culture, if we dare to admit it. Karen's book reinforces this reality, and affirms our own deep connection to the unseen ˆ dare you not accept it?
Sacred Hoop Magazine

A rich collection of accounts of modern spiritual teachers and ways in which they are in touch with inner guides of various kinds. A fascinating insight into different forms of spiritual guidance, and depicts a very different world involving multiple layers of intelligence. Readers will find themselves drawn to those who resonate with their own path.
Network Review


Soul Companions

A Gathering of Contemporary Wisdom-Keepers from Europe and the Americas

November 21 - 23, 2008
Clarion Hotel, Northampton, Massachusetts

Spend an awakening weekend with 7 remarkable individuals.

In her recent book Soul Companions: Conversations with Contemporary Wisdom-Keepers - A Collection of Encounters with Spirit, British author Karen Sawyer interviewed over 40 "Wisdom-Keepers" from all over the world to describe their fascinating encounters with spirit beings, and to communicate the powerful and inspirational messages they have received. This conference, which mirrors another one held in Wales this September, brings Karen Sawyer together with six of the Wisdom-Keepers included in her book for a weekend-long series of workshops, ceremonies, lectures, panel discussions and more.


David Spangler   Llyn Roberts

David Spangler, spiritual teacher, mystic and author of multiple books, former director of Findhorn


Llyn Roberts, teacher, author of The Good Remembering and Shamanic Reiki, and director of Dream Change

Tiokasin Ghosthorse   Andras Corban Arthen

Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Lakota musician, activist and journalist


Andras Corban-Arthen, teacher of indigenous European spirituality

Michael Dunning   Joel Kaplin

Michael Dunning, Scottish shaman, musician and healer


Joel Kaplan, medical intuitive and clairvoyant

Karen Sawyer

Karen Sawyer, author of Soul Companions

During this very special weekend participants will have an opportunity to learn from each of these teachers, through classes, ceremonies, experiential workshops and casual conversations. 



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